$75M Opportunity In The New Hollywood

While Hollywood has traditionally been the hub for film and television production, that prominence may be fading rapidly as production companies trying to meet the insatiable appetite of consumers for content across the increasing diversity of entertainment platforms look for safer and more cost-effective locations. Locations such as Atlanta have tried to lure production companies with film incentives and over-built/over-hyped studios but have fallen prey to the same disincentives as Hollywood: traffic congestion, crime and cost escalations.

One location that seems to have avoided these disincentives and gained prominence in the industry is Nashville, Tennessee. Known as “Music City U.S.A” as a result of its thriving music scene, Nashville may just have become the hot, new “go-to” destination for filmmakers and is fast gaining popularity among some as “Movie City U.S.A,” attracting filmmakers and talent from around the world who are drawn to its vibrant entertainment culture, artistic community and quality of life.

One company, Worldwide Stages, a soundstage and production campus just south of Nashville, seems set to capitalize on this transformation. The company aims to set a new standard in the entertainment production industry by offering unparalleled concierge service, convenience and safety.

“Worldwide Stages isn’t just providing the traditional soundstage environment for entertainment production companies,” said the company’s CEO Kelly Frey. “We are providing a comprehensive solution for the problems that entertainment production companies have had to deal with at other locations.”

Worldwide Stages has already hosted production companies such as Paramount Pictures (NASDAQ: PARA) and Amazon Studios and A-list talent across the full spectrum of feature film, TV broadcast and music industries (resulting in company credits in publications ranging from People to Forbes).

Worldwide Stages Announces Proposed $75 Million Stock Offering

In a recent announcement, Mr. Frey revealed that Worldwide Stages has taken a significant step forward by filing a proposed $75 million stock offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The offering, to be conducted under the Regulation A+ Tier 2 framework, allows even small retail investors to participate in investing in pre-public and private companies.

The net proceeds from this offering will play a crucial role in expanding the entertainment production capacity of Worldwide Stages with new sound stages and backlots. With plans to enhance their current 320,000 square foot/38-acre production campus, this expansion allows Worldwide Stages to accommodate production companies catering to consumers increasing demand for entertainment content. Worldwide Stages is poised to leverage this growth and make a significant impact in the industry and in the region.

An Opportunity To Be Involved In The Disruption Of The Entertainment Industry

Speaking on the recent development, Mr. Frey shared, “Imagine investing in a Hollywood-style studio complex when Hollywood was first becoming the movie capital of the world. We started with the concept of serving the hundreds of music touring artists, record companies, and entertainment production companies located here in Music City USA, and then were amazed at the massive influx of creative capital in the entertainment production industry from historic feature film and TV production hubs such as Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. So we are excited today to begin the process for retail investors to invest in a company whose goal is to disrupt and revolutionize the entertainment production industry. We do something different, something special at Worldwide Stages. And invariably, the first words we hear from production executives when they walk into Worldwide Stages is ‘WOW, we never imagined production facilities like this existed.’ ”

Worldwide Stages Could Bring New Hollywood To The Next Level Of Production Quality

The company’s campus is already well-equipped to support Nashville’s growing production industry, offering multiple state-of-the-art soundstages, complemented by expansive green rooms and production suites. Additionally, their private 70-seat theater is ideal for screening dailies or hosting intimate performances. The grand lobbies and atriums are perfect for industry events. This makes the facility ideal not only for entertainment production, but also for pre-production and post-production needs.

The facility also has over 1,000 parking spaces and is situated on over 38 acres of secure and picturesque rolling countryside just south of Nashville. Worldwide Stages further solidifies Nashville's position as an important city in the entertainment industry, attracting filmmakers and talent from all over the world who seek the city's thriving entertainment culture and the exceptional services provided by Worldwide Stages.

“As the film industry is starting to ramp up production and fully recover from the pandemic’s impact and prepare for the surge in production work that will result after the current WGA writers’ strike is resolved,” said Mr. Frey, “there will be an even greater need of big production companies for new entertainment hot spots like Nashville and Worldwide Stages.”

Whether it's Music City, Movie City or The New Hollywood, Nashville seems poised to make a huge impact in the entertainment production industry and production campuses like Worldwide Stages look set to be the beneficiaries.