Have and to hold - the forever stocks

Have and to hold - the forever stocks

To have and to hold is a 'forever' concept. Though, sadly a dying one if you see the world scenario in general. In the forever changing world of global business and share markets, will this concept of 'to have and to hold forever, hold? Supposing the answer is yes, how long is that 'forever'?

Is it 10 or 15 years or is it in decades? For many, a year or even quarter of that is an inconceivable period to hold on, as stock market is fluctuating and will swing the way you expect in the least.

So how do you 'have and hold' at least for the next 10- 15 years?

How do you decide upon a long term investment? What are the keys to a safe long term investment? Or rather is it safe to hold on to an investment that long?

The world of business and stock markets are governed by not only the business itself and the technology, market and managing personnel but also partly by the political agencies such as local and national governances.

Now coming back to the big question of how you select your safe long term investment for the next 15 years?

Basically any company manufacturing products that endure the testing of time can be deemed as 'long term investment ' safe. Secondly, the balance sheet should be consistently a steady line or even better 'up'. The technology involved should be innovative to withstand the competitive market. Lastly the management should have a proven record of steering clear of risks; with a history taking care of their investors' interests and property as good as their own. Any company with that emotional connection with the investor will thrive and is commendable as worthy of a long term relationship. It is close to an impossible task to find such a 'paragon ' of a company with all these traits.

Anyway, it is safe to invest in a company with staying power and which yields within 10-15% of the annual returns. At the same time steer clear a long way of company stocks with huge market capitalizations.

With that in mind let's take a look at the Bank of America's study; it states 82% of the millennial claim they want to invest more in 2018. If so where should they look for a long term relationship? Is the financial future for the millennial doomed?

Financial wizards in the US and across the world have opined alike that young investors who are averse to risk and looking for stocks with long term relationship in mind should be focused on the 'blue chips of the future' like Netflix.

The market is varied in industries ranging from energy, technology, food, entertainment, real estate and many more. It is up to the investor to do his own research and follow certain guidelines to decide upon the stocks for long term, and diversify his interest in a few index funds simultaneously with discretion.

As the saying goes the world's one's oyster – truly!