Business Worldwide Magazine 2022 Top 20

Business Worldwide Magazine 2022 Top 20

Prague based medtech company Leeaf has been recognized by Business Worldwide Magazine in its "20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2022" awards.

The list is a celebration of the trailblazing organisations that are game changers in their respective industries and altering the corporate landscape. Whether it's healthcare, banking, industry, construction, energy or more, these companies are at the cutting edge of breakthrough technologies, innovation, and modernized business structures. Those included have a shared goal of developing revolutionary products and technology that can drive scalable business models and disrupt established industries and markets.

According to a 2020 report from UCLA Health, an estimated 15% of people will face conception issues. Globally, 48.5 million couples and 186 million individuals experience infertility, with around 9% or men and 10% of women aged 15-44 reporting fertility issues in the USA alone.

Leeaf empowers fertility treatments and improves the conception journey through innovative technology. Seeking to disrupt existing patterns in female healthcare and contributing their part to a future where women benefit from a personalized medical approach, Leeaf spreads awareness, educates, and counteracts the notion of infertility as a socially taboo topic.

The company was founded in 2020 by Jan Choma, a successful entrepreneur and business leader with a background in the delivery of AI based cognitive solutions to the healthcare sector. His background in AI played an important part in the speed at which the company was able to move forward as Jan had previously experimented with ways of applying AI to evaluate the quality of embryos with outstanding success, drawing attention from several significant industry players.

Leeaf delivers an efficiency-enabling digital health platform for physicians and patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment. The Leeaf solution provides hyper-personalised fertility treatment recommendations for both doctor and patient, harnessing big data analysis and AI methodology to positively impact the conception journey.

The Leeaf platform offers two main solutions: the Leeaf Physician Portal, which provides physicians with tailored fertility treatment data and recommendations; and the Leeaf mobile App, which is for couples undergoing fertility treatment. Jan and his team are also conducting a study that investigates four key areas - medical, lifestyle, environmental and genetic – and investigates how they affect the outcomes of ovarian stimulation for IVF.

Leeaf is currently conducting an international and multi-centric observational research study of biomarkers to investigate the effect of four-dimensional patient data (medical, lifestyle, environmental, and genetic) on the outcomes of ovarian stimulation for IVF. While the study will allow scientists to look deeper into factors that may influence the outcomes of controlled ovarian stimulation, it will also allow Leeaf to fine-tune existing algorithms and develop new decision-supporting algorithms.

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