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You might have heard tons of career advice such as “do what you love,” “always be the first one and the last to leave,” or “go the extra mile.” That sounds great in an idyllic world but they are forgetting something: nobody cares about your career more than you do. While you might think that giving it all you've got will automatically propel your career forward, this is not usually the case. You cannot wait for others to recognize and reward your brilliance. That is why you must keep looking to improve your possibilities and that will make you valuable to anyone around you. Here are some pieces of advice that will get you moving to start Jan 2019 in the right way to build a solid career:

If your boss is not a good leader, try to find a mentor, someone who are good at their job and get them to lead you. Try and learn as much as you can from them, ask for advice and watch how they work, so you take what you can from it and make some progress.
"When you want to learn some skill, look around for someone who is already good at it. Then just watch what they do, and copy it. Find what works for you, and modify it to your own abilities and style." - John Caprani.
"In a new job, accept those first few invitations to lunch or happy hour. If you decline them, for whatever reason, they will stop, and you may find yourself an inadvertent outsider." - Laura Cooke, marketing communications director.
"Try to make the next person's job down the line easier. For example, if you are working on a project that goes through different hands, see what kinds of things you can do on your end that will make the process flow easier for the next person who performs the next step." - Richard Gary Butler, artist and writer.
Richard Gary Butler also quoted Stephen Covey‘s best seller The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. “Learn the art of sharpening the saw or the axe, before you begin the job at hand. In all our jobs, there are various tools that we use through the process. Proper maintenance to all these tools, including the tool of oneself, will make the job flow easier and you will be more productive. Trying to do work with inadequate tools or ones that require maintenance, will make the job harder and less productive.”
"Don't look too busy. I've seen smart and dedicated employees fail to get promoted, because they have taken on too much, working too hard, and appeared too frazzled. If you appear stressed, people will think you aren't prepared to take on more, and you'll miss opportunities for new and innovative projects." - Mira Zaslove, product manager at Cisco.
Always take the high road and avoid hallway conversations about your boss and how ineffective he is.
“Never, ever cook fish in the office microwave.” - Ryan Harvey, institutional investment consultant.
“As you move up, your future success depends on doing unassigned work and responsibilities. Anyone who made it past the hiring process can do the assigned job at the company, but it takes a lot more to deliver value to the company that wasn't assigned or even thought of." - Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG.
"Understand when people see you check your phone at every call, then don't answer when they call, they then know you put them on a low priority." - Mike Leary, psychotherapist in private practice.
"Help others even if there is no direct benefit to yourself. It takes so little energy to answer questions, provide referrals, open doors, etc., for people who need your help, even if doing so offers you nothing immediate in return. Your efforts will be rewarded in the future in wholly unexpected ways." - Scott Wainner, entrepreneur, founder at Fareness.
"Entitlement is a career killer. Focus on staying grateful and working hard rather than feeling that things are owed to you. If you do this you will look for opportunities without falling into the entitlement mindset that many people fall into. This will help you build the habits necessary to succeed." - Scott Miker, author, speaker and small business advisor.
"The network of people you know who leave your current company are often times more valuable to you than those with your company." - James Schek, published writer.
"The weaknesses that you're unaware of will hurt you the most. This is your blind spot. You must determine your hidden weaknesses and work to overcome them, and you're going to need the help from others to do this." - David Osborne, published writer.
"Ask your boss what his biggest problem is, and make it go away." - Victoria Backaitis, published writer.
"Don't just look up - look laterally as well, because people with diverse experience usually progress faster than people with more experience." - Vikrant Vaidya, technical lead (consulting) at Jaguar.
Richard Gary Butler also gives traditional advice like making yourself visible to your managers: “To increase your value and make yourself more visible, do more than what is expected of you, go the extra mile, and do this with enthusiasm. If you only do what is expected of you and nothing more, you are just another employee. But if you go beyond expectations, you bring value not only to yourself, but to your company. Your manager will also enjoy having you on the team.”
But then he gives more interesting advice: “Learn and apply the value of proper interpersonal skills. In all of life, especially on the job, we are in contact with people. How we treat those we meet every day, or even intermittently, will determine your true success.”


7 Apps for Start-Ups


mobile apps

From media consultant to marketing manager, customer service and specialist, small business owners need to be able to manage many different fields to maximize the business's productivity. As it can get confusing managing all these aspects, it's good to have apps that help you become a better entrepreneur. While some of these apps are free, some require a monthly fee but it's worth it.

Evernote will help you get organized. You can collect pieces of information from the web, tag them so you can find them easily, and then embed pictures, tables, audio and video. With this app, you can access all of your business content with a few taps on your phone wherever you are and on all your devices.
Evernote helps you get organized as the app helps you sort out your company information into separate notebooks; for instance, business docs, coupons, flyers, insurance info, receipts and expenses. Once you've had them organized, you can even share them with your business partners or staff. In the folder of expenses you can save bills and receipts you have previously scanned with the app.
This app is an accounting software created for small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Wave will turn you into a financial expert and accountant in not time. If you have problems sorting out your finances, this is the app for you. It tracks sales and expenses, manages invoices, pays employees, scan receipts and generates reports. It's like having an accountant but without having to pay for one and being able to directly manage everything yourself.
This app allows you to customize your expense/income categories, and then you can see them in a graph. You can also take a picture of your receipts and turn them into complete accounting transactions. The app also generates accounting reports and invite the people you trust, like business partners, assistants and accounting professionals, to help you manage books.
This app is a time tracker. This app helps you see how you spend your time so you can maximize your productivity. It allows you track projects, view graphs, export time sheets and sync your output with several other project management apps.
As you log your hours, you see how you spend your time and you get an overview of the hours spent on different tasks and projects. The project Dashboards allow you to keep track of which tasks take the most time and how profitable your projects and clients are. The dashboards also allow you to find out who are your most productive team members.
One reviewer said that Toggle is “easy to get team started tracking their time. Toggle has a browser extension, desktop app and mobile app to make sure there's no excuse to not track what you're doing. I also like how ‘real time' all the apps are. When I start a timer, it is started across all the apps and I can interact with the timer wherever is easiest at the time whether it is the mobile, browser or desktop app. The design is also great and easy on the eyes. The pricing is amazing for startups too, it's free for pretty much anything.”
When asked what business problems they are solving with the product, the reviewer said: “A new team doing new things and we're trying to understand where our time is going. Using Toggle has begun to help us get a handle on our time allocation for customers and projects. It's great for transparency! It's great for transparency! It's great for transparency!”
This is a great app for small business with small teams. With a database boasting professionals in all fields that can work as freelancers, Upwork allows small business to hire freelancers per project. All they have to do is post a job on their platform and then you'll be automatically matched with the right freelancer for the job. “Hiring freelancers allows businesses access to sharply-honed skills that simply aren't available elsewhere,” said Upwork CEO, Stephane Kasriel.
This app allows you to browse freelancer profiles, reviews and proposals, interview them and then hire them immediately. The platform allows you to chat, share files and collaborate with just a few taps on your phone. You can even make payments with it. This app allows you to browse freelancer profiles, reviews and proposals, interview them and then hire them immediately. The platform allows you to chat, share files and collaborate with just a few taps on your phone. You can even make payments with it.


Best Freelance Websites to find Jobs


freelance web

Nowadays it is not strange to become a freelancer. In fact, the digital nomad lifestyle keeps growing. Indeed, freelancers make up 35 percent of the U.S. workforce. People who work off-site are in demand since they help companies meet their business goals. Freelancers are useful for companies as they don't require contracts that other employees do. Besides, they are hired for project, which maximizes their productivity. They are not getting paid per hour, out of which they might spend time on social media, and they are not paid for holidays or sick leave.

Whether you are looking for another source of income, more professional development opportunities or like the freedom freelancing offers, you just need to get out there and find these opportunities to start earning money.
If you are wondering where to find these opportunities, here's a list of websites where you can find freelance job opportunities. Before you shop around these websites, try to establish a portfolio of past work.
With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork is the most popular freelance job site on the Internet today. From short to long-term projects, hourly or per project work, and both expert-level and entry-level projects, the website suits everyone regardless of where they are in their career. When you first start out, they take a 20% part of your earnings, but this will decrease as you get more experience.
This is a great website for beginners as it allows you to make a profile right away and gives you payment protection. Upwork has been praised for representing the ultimate informal workplace communication, employing social media tools and cloud-based applications to encourage productivity. This reduces search friction, maximizes productivity and efficiency, and, therefore, benefits the economy as a whole.
Also highly popular, Guru is a good alternative to Upwork as it doesn't charge you Upwork's high service fees. Over a million freelancers use this platform to find both fixed and hourly jobs. They just post their profile and the website has a feature that matches new job opportunities with your experience and what you are looking for.
Apart from allowing you to apply to freelance jobs, Freelancer also features contests for freelancers to compete and prove their skills. Although the website is relatively new, it already has a huge base of users; as there are so many customers and clients, it is an excellent place to showcase your abilities and get more jobs.
Unlike the other websites, Toptal targets seasoned freelancers. Even though the website has a meticulous screening process, once you pass it, you get access to meaning projects with huge clients (including JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc) and fair compensation (no low-bid contests).
We Work Remotely
This is the ultimate job board for freelancers. Jobs include customer service, programming and more. Despite offering jobs in all areas - which traditionally require an office - the website showcases freelance jobs only.
Onsite is an invite-only platform that requires you to provide work examples to be considered for admission. Once you are in, however, you'll have access to a large marketplace of fantastic freelance opportunities.
This platform allows its users to submit a project idea they want to take off. The website then assigns a project manager and matches them with “experts” to make it happen. The site allows you become one of these “experts” and benefit from the job opportunities.
You might have seen Indeed while searching for a job. The reason why Indeed is all over the place is because the site compiles data from job opportunities around the Internet all in one place. The website's reach is so massive, you might be able to get over a thousand job opportunities on one go.
With that name, you already know they kept freelancers in mind when they built this platform. The site allows you to set up your profile, set your rates and apply for job postings on the sites.
Skip the Drive
The database includes remote and telecommute jobs in business, accounting, web development, human resources, customer service, engineering and more.
Working Nomads
The site offers a list of freelance jobs that get sent straight to your inbox. They had freelancers in mind when they built this website so everything you find on its database will be relevant to you.


Amazon-Whole Foods deal


Whole Foods

Giant Amazon acquired Whole Foods and, subsequently changed the world of everyone in the business of selling, supplying or hauling groceries.

With its $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods, has become one of the major players in the U.S. grocery industry. The move could also turn into profits for food manufacturers, other supermarket chains such as the nation's largest by market share, Kroger, and for the biggest seller of groceries in the U.S. which is Walmart. The online seller getting into the world of groceries could also create a challenge for companies that deliver groceries, including Fresh Direct and Peapod.
“Once Amazon is a player in the industry, anything can go,” said Joe Agnese, senior food retailing analyst at CFRA. “The big threat is what else they can do. Now that they have a retail presence with (more than) 400 stores, long-term they can expand on that threat. They can (bring) pricing pressure. They could bring down prices and everyone would have to match them or lose share."
Over the years, Amazon has explored new markets and introduced online shopping to new areas of business such as books, electronics, clothes and household items. Amazon has changed the world of retail by offering the opportunity to customers of buying these products online for less money and then getting delivered them to their doors. As online shopping is more efficiently than buying from a bricks-and-mortar shop, Amazon entering these areas of businesses meant the demise of smaller shops as well as big household names.
The empire doesn't end in the acquisition of Whole Foods. “I don't think that this will be the last of Amazon's purchases,” said Rafael Romero, vice president of Florida-based real estate firm CREC's retail division. “They fully recognize that brick and mortar and online retailing is all retailing and you need both.”
Amazon's success in every retail industry is thanks to their research of the market and adaptation to the market. Thanks to Amazon's expertise in crunching customer data, they are ready to attract new markets. Amazon also means the future as the new generations are more used to shopping online, and Amazon is already a giant in this area. The new generations are used to using their smartphones and with a few taps on their phone they buy something they want.
“I think it's a great idea,” Trish Wichmann of New York said about Amazon's reputation for speedy service. “(Consumers are) used to texting. We're used to instant gratification. That's what we want. I think industries are trying to do that.”
Thanks to Amazon's ability to crunch the numbers, they know what customers want and they are ready to offer it to them. That is why the big food stores that haven't adapted themselves to the new day and age, or they haven't done market research, are catching on. Amazon knows how to use technology to target its customers. For instance, they pay attention to a customer's shopping history and they use that make suggestions for new purchases. This way they keep their customers shopping while Amazon grows and grows.
"Amazon is smart about mining data. They own data like Saudi Arabia has crude oil. Data is going to become only more (important) for those in grocery store business," said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at
As Amazon continues to grow and has already create its own brand, food manufacturers and producers have to catch up as well unless they don't want to be swallowed by the giant online seller.
If Amazon does indeed get to monopolize this area of businesses, they will also be able to control the price of it. There would be no competition so they will have immense power. "If Amazon is able to gain the kind of scale they want in this space, they'll be very tough in commanding a price," Hamrick said.
If Amazon cuts Whole Foods' high prices - which is likely to do - mass retailers now selling groceries as well as supermarkets need to gear up and become more competitive in order to keep their customers.
With new competition entering the market, Walmart's era might be over. For almost three decades, Walmart has been the biggest threat to the supermarket industry and ever since the chain began to add profitable clothing, it has also been competing up against clothing retailers. Apart from Amazon entering the market, Germany's Lidl and Aldi have entered the market and with their varied products and low prices, they have created an extremely competitive environment. Times are changing and traditional businesses have to gear up in order to survive.


Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

When you are the owner of a startup, it can be difficult to be seen on the Net. To start with, you don't have the massive budgets other giants do and, therefore, you cannot advertise as much as them. That is why you need to find alternative ways to drive traffic to your site and this is how:
Facebook remarketing
This day and age, marketing has much to do with Facebook. Social media allows you to access a huge market and reach the audience you want. Whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry, Facebook is an excellent promotion tool. It allow you to set up remarketing audiences by installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site, which allows you to market to customers who have visited your site; in other words, it allows you to reach potential customers who have already expressed their interest in your product. This is a great way to create return traffic to your business blog or website.
Facebook email custom audiences
With Facebook, you can reuse that email list of your customers. Upload that list into Facebook and capture the social accounts of anyone that has their email address attached to it. With this feature, you can reach those users directly on their mobile devices.
Twitter remarketing
Similarly to Facebook, you just have to install the pixel and then target your sites visitors on Twitter. The only difference is that to start advertising with Twitter, you'll need a higher minimum of audience.
Ad's headline
Most people will only read the headline of your ad, so you should be focusing on making your headline the best you can. Your headline is your ticket to grab your audiences' attention and persuade them to visit your site.
Build an email list
You can also use emails for social promotion. A way to do this is by emailing newsletters. Make sure that you have a newsletter opt-in on your website.
This is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Just make sure you have a link on your site that will drive your audience to your website. Don't forget to promote your blog on social media, as you won't get traffic on your website from your blog if nobody knows your blog to start with. You should have a campaign constantly running that is featuring your blog posts and that is aimed at your custom audience.
Optimize your site for SEO
Use a software like SEMrush to give you a complete SEO audit and show you what you should fix. You should optimize your site as much as possible for the search engine robots that will be all over your website.
Exchange blog posts with other sites
Find other blogs in similar industries as yours, then reach out to the administrators and ask them if they would like to swap blog posts so you can reach more audience.
Automate your emails
Most companies work with marketing automation. If you think this is too expensive for you, you can opt for lower cost marketing automation platforms such as Autopilot and Hatchbuck.
You should have email campaigns set up for everything, so once you have your software set up, they are ready to go. You should have an automated email campaign when someone fills out a form, downloads more content or signs up for the newsletter. If you keep reaching out to your customers via email, you'll continue to drive relevant traffic to your site.
Become a contributor
Just like swapping blog posts, contributing to other websites is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Every time you contribute, make sure that you mention your website, so readers will know where to find you once they've read your post. This is a great way to reach a larger audience. The more you contribute, the larger audience you'll reach. You also need to improve your writing skills to get audiences interested in what you are selling. Just keep writing and you'll get better with practice.
Host a webinar or webcast
You may have been invited to a “healthy lifestyle” webinar by one of your friends recently. Webinars or webcasts are fashionable at the moment and they are a great way to reach an audience and convince them they should buy your product. It allows you to showcase it by creating a fun and engaging presentation, and it's interactive: they can ask questions and you can answer them in real time. This is a good way to make an impression on them. They are also able to invite others.


How to Start a Business Online

Internet is an ocean of information and your online business is only one small particle of this water. It's a long shot for your business to triumph online, but it is more likely to do so if you follow some simple steps. From a newbie to a professional online entrepreneur, everyone can benefit from this process.
The first step is to do research on what people need and what they are looking for, so you can fill that void in the market. To start with, find a group of people - market - who are searching for a solution to a problem or something that is missing that could make their lives easier or a service that could make them happier.
The way to do this is by visiting online forums to see what kind of information people are looking for or what kind of solution to a problem they are trying to get. You can also do keyword search so you can find out what kind of keywords people are searching for and see that those needs are not being filled by too many sites. Get to know your competitors by visited their sites and take note of what they are doing to satisfy the demand. Once you get all the information you need, you can use it to create the ultimate product for the market you've been doing research on.
Upon completing that step, you must create a copy that sells. To start with, create a headline that attracts your market's interest. Then proceed to describe your product and how it fills a need. Then write about how you are a credible solver of this problem by adding testimonials from your customers and talk about how people will benefit from using your product. Then write an offer and make a strong guarantee. Lastly, create urgency and ask for the sale. Throughout your copy, you have to convince your readers that your product or service is what they need to solve a problem or make their lives easier. Your product or service needs to stand out from your competitors so customers will opt for you.
Now that you have your market and product, what you need is to design and build your website. Remember the key to a successful website is simplicity. First impressions are what count. You only have a few seconds to get your customers‘ attention.
Keep the design simple to get viewers to stay on your site. To achieve this, you must choose one or two plain fonts on a white background. Navigation has to be clear and simple on every page. The purpose of graphics, audio or video is to improve your message; otherwise, they are nothing but noise so don't use them unless they have a purpose. Remember that you need your readers to stay in touch and they way to do this is by getting them to subscribe to your site, so make sure you include an opt-in offer.
Remember that your customer is supposed to be easy to navigate in and it is directed to your customer, so think about your market and what they want to see. Also make it easy for your customers to buy, no more than two clicks; otherwise, they might turn to another provider. Nobody wants to waste their time figuring out a software.
Use search engines to lead your target market to your site. The easiest way to drive traffic to a new site is through pay-per-click advertising. This kind of advertising has two advantages: First, PPC ads show up on the search pages right away; second, PPC ads allow you to test different keywords, as well as headlines, prices and selling approaches. Therefore, PPC ads get you immediate traffic and allow you to discover the best, highest-converting keywords. Once you know which are the best keywords, you can distribute them throughout your site in your copy and code, which will help your rankings in the organic search results. Besides, this kind of advertising allows you to target your audience in particular by tagging their interests and needs.
Then you must use the information you publish on your site to make people believe you are an expert. If you give people information for free, they will automatically go to your website. What you must do is include a link to your site every time give information to other sites. This information can be in the form of articles, videos or any other content that people will find useful.


How to be successful on Instagram



This day and age, the number of followers you have on Instagram can determine whether your business will succeed or not. The way to become famous on Instagram is to get your photos noticed. Instagram is important to put your business on the map. This is how millennials will now about you. Although not all businesses need Instagram notoriety, some of them that are mostly web-based, require Instagram to survive.

The first step to become famous on Instagram is to build a stunning Instagram feed. Nobody is going to follow a profile with poor quality images. Photos shouldn't be taken lightly. It's better to post nothing than to post a bad photo. The first thing you must do is upload 15 to 20 of your best images. If you don't have them, you can always work on them. Unfortunately, people only follow photographers with interesting photos, so you might want to choose your photographs carefully.
If you need to improve your photographic skills, work on creating photos with excellent composition that will catch the viewer's eye. Learn how to use light to create more dramatic photos. You might also want to learn how to use your camera's settings so you are familiar with all of its shooting features. Although some people like to boast their photos are not edited and that they are not using any filters, you might want to you practice your editing skills as they might significantly enhance your photos.
Good photos are the key to becoming Instagram famous so focus on sharing good photos first.
Certain types of photos are more likely to succeed on Instagram. For instance, beach photos, reflection photos, silhouette photos and sunset photos get the most likes on Instagram. The photos that tend to get the least amount of likes are portrait photos.
If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you have to post the kind of photos that your followers want to see and the ones that get more likes.
Remember that although your friends might like photos of you hanging out with them or a dinner party, people who don't know are not particularly interested in those photos; therefore, avoid sharing them if you want to get more followers. Also avoid posting text images, jokes and random screenshots. People who don't know you are not interested in them.
Although this might seem basic, make sure your Instagram account is public. Go to your profile, tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen, then make sure that the “Private Account” slider is turned off. Naturally, if your Instagram photos aren't public, it will be that much difficult to attract new followers.
Write a profile description so people know your business and to get the right people to follow you.
Once your profile is set up, you need to get as many Instagram followers as possible. To get noticed you also need to likes and comments on your photos.
First of all, add your friends and people you know. Since they know who you are, they are more likely to follow you back. Cross-post your Instagram photos to other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook andTumbler, so you can build up your Instagram following at the same time as you get people's attention with your photos.
To maximize the number of people you reach when you share on Instagram, make sure you use hashtags. This means that your image will show up in the hashtag feeds. To do this, use the hashtag symbol (#) in the caption box and that symbol must be followed by an appropriate and relevant word to describe your image. You can Google which hashtags are trending in order to maximize views.
Another way to get more followers is by simply following a lot of people. That will put your profile in their radar as they will get the notification of you following them and will hopefully follow you back. Don't follow just anyone though, but try to find someone with a profile that is similar to yours. Common interests attract each other.
The next step is to interact with people that you follow because if you don't, you are considered to be a ghost follower. You must avoid this scenario as Instagram users dislike ghost followers since scam artists use this strategy to promote their fake profiles. If you comment on the photos of the people you follow, they will know you are real person. If you want to avoid following lots of people, another way to get exposure is by simply commenting on their photos. That way the author will see your positive comment and will become curious to check out your profile, and if they like, you'll have a new follower.
Always target people that are likely to follow you back - those with similar interests - and use hashtags to explore and find the right kind of Instagram users.


Inspirational Quotes by Entrepreneurs



Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You have invest all of you to succeed - your money, your time, your vision, your intellect, etc. While being an entrepreneur might take up all of your life, it is also very rewarding to invest in your own business. It is rewarding to work for yourself. Although there are many advantages of starting a business on your own, sometimes it gets tough, so it is essential to follow other successful entrepreneur's advice to keep you on track. Here are some quotes by people who made it in their own businesses and who can teach you a thing or two that might inspire you.

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It's as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decided to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” - Nolan Bushnell, entrepreneur.
“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don't, you're going to regret it.” - Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook.
“It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.
“I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 missed I've been trusted to take the game's winning shot and missing. I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that's why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan, Hall of Fame.
“There's nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.” - Jason Fried, founder of 37signal.
“If you just work on stuff that you like and you're passionate about, you don't have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” - Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.
“There's lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there's only one good, legitimate reason, and I think you know what it is: it's to change the world.” - Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote.
“The secret of successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world.” - Marc Benioff, CEP of Salesforce.
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” - Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company.
“If you're not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business.” - Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's.
“You shouldn't focus on why you can't do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.” - Steve Case, co-founder of AOL.
“Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.” - Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.
“I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” - Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple.
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney, co-founder of the Walt Disney Company.
“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” - Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.
“It's almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that.” - Richard Harroch, Venture Capitalist.
“I hate how many people think, ‘glass half empty' when they glass is really four-fifths full. I'm grateful when I have one drop int he glass because I know exactly what to do with it.” - Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia.
“For all of the most important things, the timing always sucks. Waiting for a good time to quit your job? The stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never be green at the same time. The universe doesn't conspired against you, but it doesn't go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. ‘Someday‘ is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Pro and con lists are just as bad. If it's important to you and you want to do it ‘eventually,‘ just do it and correct course along the way.” - Timothy Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Work Week.


Habits to enhance your Motivation and Productivity


get sleep

When you are an entrepreneur your mental health reflects the health of your business. As you are the one who is going to make every decision that will determine your business' future and it is your effort, vision, hard work and determination what will influence whether your business succeeds or not, it is important that you are sharp, that you stay motivated, and that you maximize your productivity.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely. Sometimes your hours of work don't generate any money. As you invest yourself in your business, you are dealing with the fact that your financial security is linked to your company's success and that is hard if you have nobody or nothing to fall back on. While it is hard to cope with all of these difficulties, it is a whole other challenge to being able to succeed.
As mental health is crucial for a business to succeed, here are some valuable habits you can develop as an entrepreneur that will not only improve your mental health but boost your motivation and productivity.
Sleep enough
While most entrepreneurs work late hours and wake up early to make the most of each day, not getting enough sleep may lower your productivity. According to a study by the Harvard Medical School, sleep deprivation can lead to an inability to focus and can hinder higher brain functions. Poor sleeping habits are also also tied to other health issues, including heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity. To maximize your productivity, you need to sleep six to eight hours each night.
This habit doesn't apply to everyone as there are also people who don't need that much sleep to perform well. In fact, many entrepreneurs have stated that they work while others sleep.
Eat well
When you are an entrepreneur, you are always busy and don't always have a chance to eat properly or cook a healthy meal for yourself. That is why many entrepreneurs turn to fast food with no nutritional value. The food that you put into your body is turned into glucose which fuels your brain. Therefore, you are what you eat as food has an impact the way you think and feel.
Fatty meals require more energy to break down properly, which leads you to feel tired and unable to perform at optimum levels.
Exercise regularly
Time is the one thing successful entrepreneurs lack. With all the responsibilities and tasks you must perform during the day, it is not easy to set time aside to exercise. However, working out has many benefits for you and has a positive impact on your business.
Exercise is beneficial for you for many reasons: it reduces levels of mental and physical stress; it releases chemicals into your system that cause happiness and fight depression; it improves your sense of self-worth and self-confidence; lastly, exercise gives you a chance to disconnect from your work, which boosts creativity and allows you to take a fresh perspective on problems later.
Therefore, if you find time to work out during your day, it will help your business in the long term as it will boost your productivity. You might dedicate an hour to exercise but this will maximize your effort at work throughout the day.
While meditation is not directly linked to entrepreneurial success, it can boost your performance. Since mediation allows your brain to shut down for a while, giving your mind a chance to disconnect from reality and its pressure, it allows you to relax and let the stress of running a business fade away momentarily.
You don't need much time to meditate. 10 minutes a day can have a considerable impact on your mind. There are apps you can download which will keep you on track when it comes to meditation.
Read as much as you can
Reading is crucial to become a successful leader. For instance, Bill Gates is famous for his love of reading; Mark Zuckerberg started an enormous book club on Facebook; and Warren Buffett spends a great amount of his day reading.
That doesn't mean you have to read every self-help and business non-fiction book ever written. You should try and read some of them. However, what matters is to make a habit out of reading because studies show that reading has an impact on your emotional awareness.


Successful Stock Broking – Diversify and Dream Big


stock trading

We all need to save money or at least we all should be saving money. 10% of your salary is the recommended norm, so the experts say. And most of us do. Maybe you are a believer in a trusty bank savings account, a 32-day call account or even that trusty but rusty tin under the bed.

But there comes a time to put down our safe little bank box and march straight into the unknown and scary world of stock broking. Stock broking is the business!
While you know that your money is safe in your local bank account, earning in the region of 1.85%, you are tempted at popping some funds into a more risky vehicle. Eventually you will discover that isn't working for you anymore.
But the choices are vast and varied and downright scary! From investing in different fund managers to different shares and even more confusing, different segments of companies, can make anyone just duck under the pillow and stick with their cash.
A novice investor will, at first, invest in equities that are local, as this seems like the safest route to take in this risky new world. But experts state that broadening your investment into the US market is a good bet.
Choosing an experience fund manager can ease the tension of trying to pick stocks and shares on your own. However, it would be best to research the fund manager's history in picking stocks and companies, than working out which funds are doing the best.
A good fund manager will have their toe in one lake of possibility and their finger in another sea of opportunities. Diversifying their risk pool is what a good fund manager makes his business out of. He has his eye out for frequent trends and knows when to sell and when to buy.
Further, if you know the emerging company market well, you would know who to follow and when to pull out. Let a fund manager do all the working for you whilst you still keep your eye on the ball.
There is much to be said for the technological paths as well as healthcare, alternative energy markets and the transportation industry. So when diversifying, consider these industries too. You must search for exactly these sorts of companies that are superb but don't necessarily go for them where their valuations reflect their future prospects.
Bottom line is that when you do decide to take that leap of faith into the world of stocks, funds and managers, it needs not be a daunting episode.
Keep it simple learn gradually but you need to master the fundamental aspects such as diversification, investing in superb emerging companies, work as a solid stock picker and follow the trends.
With all that in mind, you should be able to breathe easier and rest assured that your well-earned money will be in safe hands.
After all, sticking your cash into a bank savings account is so last year!


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